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SEER Associates can provide a full suite of HSE documents
and plans with integrated training and support.

Safety and Health

SEER Associates believes that a Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE MS) should be a component of an overarching Business Management System, assisting with the company’s overall management of risk, rather than a standalone framework, produced exclusively for and used by the HSE Department.

HSE Management Systems

We are able to assist clients in the development and implementation of practical, fit for purpose HSE MS, both at operational and corporate levels.

The development of an HSE Management System and associated documentation is a significant task and requires the development of a number of key documents.

In addition to the extensive experience of SEER Associates personnel, many of these documents require initial and ongoing technical input from client staff.

SEER Associates works closely with key client staff members to ensure ongoing “ownership” of the System as it is developed.

SEER Associates will train client staff in the operation and maintenance of the HSE MS and provide ongoing support as required, leaving the client self-sufficient in its ongoing day-to-day management.

Contractor Management

Although SEER Associates is able to undertake the complex interdisciplinary studies that may be required for the development of an HSE MS, the client may prefer to have these produced by third parties.

In such cases, SEER Associates can assist clients in the management of these studies by ensuring that the tender documentation contains clearly stated study objectives along with technically sound Scopes of Work.

Audit reports can be provided in a number of formats to
suite clent needs.


SEER Associates can provide personnel to audit at both technical and overall Management System level.

Our experience has shown that although there is value in clients conducting internal audits, a periodic review by a third party can be beneficial in achieving a different perspective on the performance of the system.

Examples of technical audits include reviews of:

  • Adequacy and compliance of Health and Safety systems and procedures.
  • Compliance and documentation of environmental performance.
  • Adequacy and maintenance of oil spill and emergency response preparedness and equipment.
  • Monitoring programme design, data collection and management methodologies including laboratory analysis of samples.

Management Review

A key aspect of an HSE Management System is the drive for continuous improvement in performance.

SEER Associates personnel have extensive experience in working with senior management to assist them in understanding the implications that HSE issues may have for the business and in setting HSE targets with the aim of improving overall company performance.


High performance in HSE depends not only on the development of an HSE Management System but also on staff commitment and knowledge. SEER Associates can develop HSE training programmes to ensure tailored to each client’s needs.

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