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Resource and sensitivity Mapping for GIS

Environmental Services

SEER Associates provides comprehensive stand alone environmental services, or speciality studies in support of specific technical issues.

Our personnel have extensive experience with operations and issues management in extreme climates and environmentally sensitive locations ranging from the arctic to tropical mangrove forests.

SEER Associates has accumulated considerable experience over a wide range of environmental, regulatory and cultural regimes. This experience is critical in successfully achieving client’s environmental compliance and maintaining environmental performance.

Environmental Surveys and Risk Assessment

Environmental Risk Assessments are based on desk-top data reviews, modelling and, if required, through field assessments.

These may be taken to identify, at an early stage of a project, potential environmental “show-stoppers” and to suggest project alternatives prior to undertaking a full Environmental Impact Assessment.

They may also be required for Emergency Response (ER) planning.

SEER Associates personnel have also designed, undertaken and assessed post incident monitoring programmes in order to assess damage and recovery or to validate the work of others.

SEER Associates personnel have undertaken numerous coastal and terrestrial surveys in order to:

  • Determine environmental sensitivities or vulnerabilities, e.g. for environmental impact assessment.
  • Determine pollutant fates, behaviour and probability of impact, e.g. for environmental risk assessment.
  • Develop priorities and strategies for Environmental Management or ER Plans.
  • Environmental damage assessment.

Environmental Monitoring

SEER Associates have extensive experience in developing environmental baseline and other survey/monitoring programmes, both on and offshore.

Both surface and remote sensing techniques can be used.

A combination of scientific understanding and practical experience is vital in developing programmes that will provide the type and extent of useful data to the client.

It is also vital that this information be stored in useable and accessible form. GIS compatible with the client’s existing system is generally preferred.

SEER Associates personnel are able to utilise their experience to review monitoring results and amend monitoring programme design or methods in order that the client achieves accurate data and value for money.

Environmental Impact Assessment

As industry moves into increasingly remote areas, the need for projects to be planned and operated with minimal impact on the environment becomes more important.

SEER Associates personnel have wide experience of conducting and contributing to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for the oil and gas industry.

We aim to assist clients in using EIA as a planning tool and as being integral to good environmental and also business performance through avoidance of significant delays because of environmental issues.

Where appropriate, SEER Associates is able to integrate social and cultural impact assessment into the EIA process and work alongside regulators and other stakeholders to ensure mutually beneficial project outcomes.

Post Spill Monitoring (via Remote Sensing) of Recovery of Oil Impacted Mangroves, South Australia

Environmental Permitting Support

SEER Associates can provide a variety of assistance in assisting with the permitting process, including:

  • Environmental contractor oversight.
  • Preparation of position and technical background papers.
  • Regulatory Agency Liaison.
  • Presentations and workshops.

Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems can often become paperwork collection exercises that provide no tangible benefits to the organisation, rather than functioning as a tool that enables the company to define its environmental aspects and drive a process of continuous environmental improvement.

Even ISO 14001 certified operations may not be achieving significant benefits if the systems are poorly designed, implemented or managed.

SEER Associates can provide assistance in the preparation and implementation of cost-effective and practical management systems that are designed to achieve genuine improvements in environmental performance and cost savings to the organisation.

By working closely alongside the client, we are able to deliver systems that reflect their requirements and environmental aspirations, whilst ensuring that management focus remains on the overall net benefit to the organisation.

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