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SEER Personnel

The SEER team consists of senior consultants with many years of practical experience in the oil and gas and other industries both on land and in marine environments.

This team is ready to apply their knowledge and experience to client needs and to impart that knowledge to client staff.

Project experience of SEER Associates personnel

Key Personnel

John A. Wardrop: Managing Director International and Australia.

John Wardrop is an Environmental Scientist with over 30 years of consulting and education experience. His qualifications include marine, coastal and terrestrial ecology, environmental assessment and management, OSR management systems, surveying, mapping and evaluation of oil-impacted shorelines and biological communities, cleanup and restoration strategies, and design and implementation of oil spill response training programs. He has produced detailed oil spill contingency plans for onshore, offshore and coastal facilities, and conducted a number of oil spill training workshops and exercises. He has prepared a wide variety of emergency plans, field manuals and supporting documents and interfaced extensively with Government Agencies and NGOs on behalf of clients.

Project Experience: Australia, Canada, PR China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, S. Korea Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua-Nuigini, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, U.S.A, SR Vietnam

Paul G. Mowatt: Managing Director, United Kingdom.

Paul Mowatt has over 14 years of broad oil and gas experience, onshore and offshore, across a range of HSE disciplines including HSE audits, environmental management and compliance, and the development of HSE Management Systems. His technical skills are supported by extensive management experience and an understanding of the needs of high-profile multinational clients, having worked both as a consultant and within operating companies. He has gained extensive experience in the public engagement and stakeholder consultation process, often working closely with External Affairs teams to deliver key environmental and HSE messages to a range of stakeholders.

Project Experience: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia. UK.

Igor S. Reznikov: Managing Director, Russian Federation.

Igor Reznikov is a technical translator specializing in legislation, and the oil and gas, environmental and emergency response industries. With over 20 years experience with government and industry in Russia, Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom, he has provided construction management support, interpretation and liaison services with Russian agencies and NGOs, and translation of engineering documents, emergency response plans, technical reviews, environmental impact statements, compliance documents and training.

Project Experience: Germany, Korea, Russia, UK.

Pavel Makeyenko: Director, Russian Federation.

Pavel Makeyenko has over 26 years experience in the application of systems analysis to technical and business management. His experience includes development of cross-cultural business management systems, environmental management, auditing and regulatory compliance, health and safety, sustainable development, and educational program development. He has extensive experience in training and regulatory agency liaison.

Project Experience: Austria, Finland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russian Federation, UK, Ukraine, USA.

Robert W. Castle: Associate, USA.

Bob. Castle has over 35 years consulting experience for industry and government in the practical application of science and engineering to the resolution of environmental issues. He has been a principle participant or manager of large and complex multidisciplinary projects involving environmental assessment, permitting, compliance auditing, regulatory agency liaison, research and development, hazardous material investigation and remediation, oil spill response, and emergency planning. He has worked in environments ranging from the Arctic tundra to tropical mangrove swamps, and has participated in the response to, and remediation of many surface and subsurface oil and hazardous material spills. He has been a significant participant in the development of emergency plans and manuals for some of the worlds' largest and most complex projects. including the BTC Pipeline System (Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey) and the SEIC Phase II Project (Sakhalin Island, Russia).

Project Experience: American Samoa; Australia; Azerbaijan; the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas; The Republic of the Congo; Egypt; France; Gabon; the Republic of Georgia; Guam; Indonesia; Japan (Okinawa); Nigeria; Peru; Qatar; Russia; Thailand; UK.


SEER Associates is supported by a number of corporate affiliates who provide complementary services, such as:

  • Security Assessments and Planning.
  • Fire Assessment and Planning
  • Laboratory Services
  • Toxicity Testing.
  • Oil Spill Equipment Audits and maintenance
  • Media and public relations.
  • GIS mapping.
  • Spill trajectory modelling.
Affiliates of SEER Associates have been selected on the basis of their recognised expertise, reliability and commitment to service.


A full list of affiliates, together with supporting information, can be provided on request.

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